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Are you looking to get the physique that you have always wanted?

We have put together the blueprint for the most effective training routine for body transformations
with options available for people on all budgets and all work schedules.

Why not check out all our options and find out how you can transform your physique, and transform your life in just 3 months!



Early Morning RITE-Fit Bootcamp

6:15 am — 7:00 am
The Compound Martial Arts and Fitness Centre

Are you looking to get lean, increase your fitness, your muscle tone and your overall health? This could be the camp for you to get involved in and kick off your morning! Bootcamps run at 6:15-7am, running for 4 weeks, 3 times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings in The Compound Martial Arts and…


RITE Fitness 'Intensity' Training

7:00 am — 7:45 am
The Compound Martial Arts and Fitness Centre

Unlike the RITE-Fit Bootcamps that are from beginner right the way to advanced gym goer, the RITE Fitness ‘Intensity’ program takes it up another level! A functional fitness class that employs more advanced training techniques and workouts using a wide range of both equipment and body weight based exercises. The program employs a lot of…


Mummy and Baby Bootcamp

12:15 pm — 1:00 pm
The Compound Martial Arts and Fitness Centre

As a fully certified post natal trainer all classes will be laid out to match activities that are suitable for women in the post natal period. Classes will run on the following days, and run on a 4 week period: Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 12:15-1pm Costs for the program are: 1 day a week: £25…







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Probably, what RITE Fitness have become synonymous for around the Newry and Mourne region, becoming the first program in the fitness industry in the local area to get 60+ people in attendance before 8am.
These bootcamps are based on Personal Training methadology but in a group friendly session.


Functional strength and conditioning is another area that RITE Fitness have gained such high regard over. Damien’s experiences around the world working with different personal trainers at some of the top athletic faciltiies, coupled with the CSCC in Strength and Conditioning which he received from the Institute of Human Performance in Miami have meant he has been able to provide a service that is completely unique to anywhere else. Your Personal Training Workouts will level up.


Hugely popular in America, TRX suspension training has yet to arrive over here yet in a big way. It is however becoming more and more popular and people are starting to see the huge benefits involved in this style of training. These techniques and various other formats for training like:

  • Circuit Training
  • Kettlebells
  • Boxercise
  • Conditioning
  • Bootcamps
  • TRX


Becoming one of the most popular classes worldwide, Boxercise has taken off so much on the basis of its high calorie expenditure and fun, ever changing workout that has given people a new way to come and train outside of the normal classes being offered by most Personal Training gyms.