Meet Damien Rooney, Founder and Head Trainer at RITE Fitness:

R.I.T.E Fitness is a personal training company that caters for people from all sporting and non-sporting backgrounds to all different levels of fitness.

Damien Rooney is the owner and head trainer of R.I.T.E Fitness.

For those that don’t know Damien, he has over 20 years experience in the martial arts and fitness fields on both an educational and practical basis.

He has travelled all around the world with the aim of gaining knowledge in these areas, and due to this has picked up state of the art training routines from all around the globe.

“As a child I could never sit still – so for the last 25 years I have been working to find suitable outlets for my energy and desire to connect with people.

Unsurprisingly, that journey has involved a lot of sporting activity – Swimming, Basketball, Waterpolo, Gaelic Football, Soccer, Tae Kwon Do, Boxing, Muay Thai and MMA.

I have competed at all levels: from club to country, from national to international, from amateur to pro.

 In between all that, I channelled my passion for communication and connecting with people into a BSc Honours Degree in Marketing from the University of Ulster and graduated with a 2:1 in 2008.

By the time I finished my degree I had a clear goal to become a professional MMA fighter and travelled around the world to get the best possible training to make that dream a reality.

In locations as diverse as Thailand, Brazil and USA, I have been privileged to train with some of the leading experts in Martial Arts. The discipline, commitment and skill I experienced there had such a profound impact on my own sporting career that I was inspired to share that knowledge with others and coach them to success in their own fitness goals: whether personal or professional.

When I returned home, I started RITE Fitness in parallel to my own MMA career. Since 2011 I have worked with people of all levels of fitness – from complete beginners to serious athletes. There have been some amazing transformations as my clients have made a commitment to improved fitness, better health and, ultimately, a better quality of life. This spurs me on to keep adding new ideas and techniques to my toolkit through training and research and makes my work completely worthwhile.”


– Level 2 Fitness Instructors
– Level 2 Kettlebell Instructors
– Level 2 TRX Suspension Instructors
– Boxercise Certified Instructor
– Level 3 Personal Trainer Plus/Level 3 Pre & Post Natal
– MMA-CSCC Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach
– NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist
– Qualified in Sports Nutrition

RITE Fitness is situated in the WIN Industrial Estate in Newry, and runs out of The Compound Martial Arts and Fitness Centre, the gym also co-founded by Damien Rooney.

Gym is equipped for all types of training from:

RITE-Fit Bootcamps

Are you looking to get lean, increase your fitness, your muscle tone and your overall health? This could be the camp for you to get involved in!


High Intensity, Fun workout that will let you blow off some steam while getting a great cardio and fat burning training session in at the same time.

Suspension Training

Switch up your workouts with the some suspension training! New state of the art training system that will allow you to work your fully body in areas you never have before.


Whether its for muscular endurance, strength or cardio this training tool can be used to meet all training needs.

Personal or Group Training

If you are looking for something a little more personalised to your needs, or the needs of a small group of friends or training partners then this may be the option for you. Book a private session with Damien and tailor your workouts to match your goals.

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What Clients Say?


    After resting 6 weeks for knee operation last year, I found that my leg muscles had major loss, I could hardly lift my left leg, this meant the bones were touching and causing shelling etc, When I visited RiteFitness Damo helped initially to improve my strength and balance, then over a few months allowed me the time to build my leg muscles back up and to full strength. I am now more confident when out and about and feel great, Thanks Damo..

    Eóin Lennon
  • Amy-Louise

    Damien has been my personal trainer for a year and a half now after the birth of my second child, the results I have achieved are largely due to Damien's perfect combination of diverse training methods, individualised exercise program's and challenging yet achievable goal setting. His professionalism, extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to his work and ultimately to his clients provides the perfect scenario for success and sets foundations for a new healthier lifestyle. I recommend him without reservation!

  • Roisin

    I Have been going to Damien for three months now and can safely say-If you are serious about changing your life, your shape and your fitness Damien will take you every step of the way! I have worked worked with several personal
    trainers and have found him to be one of the best!!

  • Conor

    Having trained regularly for 15+ years i had lost a lot of interest in my sport and training in general. I had heard about Damo's alternative approach to training and decided to try it. 1 year on i have started back at my training again after working with Damo last year. My fitness and strength and conditioning is the best its ever been and has made the transition back into training and games very easy.
    Without a doubt the best training ive ever done and with a very accommodating, organized and knowledgeable trainer.
    Thanks again Damo.

  • John F

    In 2012 I under went serious back surgery which resulted in a very long recovery period. My job relies on me being fit and healthy, and under the patient guidance of Damo I am back where I need to be. Knowledgeable, professional and great craic I'd highly recommend his one on one sessions to get you back on track.



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The Compound is the home of Functional Fitness in the Newry and Mourne area and is heavily equipped to accommodate this type of training with:

  • Fully Matted Training Area
  • Full Size Competition Cage
  • 5 Full Size Punch Bags
  • Full range of Boxing and Muay Thai pads
  • 4 x Pull up/Dip bars
  • 5 x Olympic Rings
  • Treadmill
  • Rowing Machine
  • Floor to Ceiling Climbing Ropes
  • Wall Mounted Peg Climbing Board
  • Training Tyre with Hammers Ranging from 4kg-20kg
  • 8 Olympic bars with over 600kg of Olympic plates
  • 1-45kg Range of Dumbbells
  • 50 sets of Kettlebells ranging from 4kg-28kg
  • 12 TRX Suspension Trainers
  • 3 x Plyometric Box Sets
  • 4 x Olympic Squat Racks
  • 4 x Olympic Bench Press
  • 2 x Prowlers
  • 4 x Battling Ropes
  • Full Range of Resistance Bands
  • Strength and Conditioning Kit, Grappling Rope, Farmers walk bars, Landmines etc.