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Probably what RITE Fitness have become synonymous for around the Newry and Mourne region, becoming the first program in the fitness industry in the local area to get 60+ in attendance before 8am.

RITE Fitness Bootcamps have become popular with people of all ages and fitness levels, from first time trainers to competitive athletes.

Classes are tailored to suit all levels and all fitness goals. Class formats vary and have become so popular, and gained such a high level of results due to the constantly changing routine and style of workouts offered on a daily basis.

Both early morning mid-week and weekend programs are offered to try and accommodate the needs of everyone.

Are you looking to get lean, increase your fitness, your muscle tone and your overall health? This could be the fitness program for you to get involved in!

The cost is £60 for new members, and £50 for returning members and spaces are limited to 25 people every camp.

All packages include a copy of the renowned RITE Diet Performance Plan and continuing online support during the camp, and also any workout plans required for extra training outside of the designated classes.

Classes are open to all ages and fitness levels and vary daily with a wide selection between Circuit Style, Kettlebells, TRX, Bodyweight Intervals and many more.