RITE Fitness Programs

Interested in trying one of our training programs?  Why not have a look at what we offer and see which best meets your needs.

Early Morning Bootcamps

From: £60 / month

Evening Bootcamps

From: £60 / month

RITE 'Intensity' Training

From: £5 / day

In our most popular program you can achieve your training goals…..the RITE way.

Take your training to the next level.

Take your training to the next level.


From: £5 / day

Kettlebell Training

From: £5 / day

Mummy & Baby Bootcamp

From: £25 / month

A fun, cardio filled workout perfect for all fitness levels.

Kettlebells are perfect for strength, endurance, and weight loss training.

Are you off on maternity leave and struggle to find time to train?  Why not bring your baby along with you.

Alternative Training

Alternative training elements which we incorporate into our patented training programs.

Strength and Conditioning

From: £5 / day

Suspension Training

From: £5 / day

HIIT Training

From: £5 / day

Functional strength and conditioning programs available for both men and women.

Full body training like you have never seen it before using this state of the art equipment.

High intensity interval training is a fast paced workout that is excellent for both cardio and weight loss.

Are you interested in attending one of our programs?

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