Functional strength and conditioning is another area that RITE Fitness have gained such high regard over. Damien’s experiences around the world working with different trainers at some of the top athletic faciltiies, coupled with the CSCC in Strength and Conditioning which he received from the Institute of Human Performance in Miami have meant he has been able to provide a service that is completely unique to anywhere else.

Using a combination of functional strength and conditioning tools (climbing/battling ropes, plyometric boxes, Olympic bars, Training tyres, Farmers walks etc), clients get put through a workout designed specifically to meet their needs or the needs of their particular sport. Whether it be gaining lean muscle mass, shedding weight or building explosive strength, power or speed these workouts are tailored completely to meet your needs.

Can be taken as a personal, small group or team training session depending on what the needs are of the participant/s. Just get in touch and a consultation can be set up to talk over what layout best meets your needs and we can tailor everything specifically from there.

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