There are a lot of foods now that are being recommended for staying lean and maintaining and even improving health, and funnily enough they are not the foods everyone may associate with it.  The term ‘eat fats to get thin’ is something that is publicised now by many leading nutritionists in the industry, but something that is overshadowed by many of the food companies that want people to believe that ‘fats’ are the enemy!  There is a large difference in ‘good fats’ like monosaturated fats (the ones that are contained in a few of the products which I will be listing), and ‘bad fats’ like trans fats (contained in fast food, deep fried food, pastries etc), but that is the topic of a completely different article which I wont get into in too much detail at the moment.

  1. Avocado – the avocado is a member of the fruit family, not commonly associated with this is it doesnt have a sweet taste and is more commonly thought of by many as a vegetable.  This wonder food while not hugely popular over in peoples diets over here is called an anti-obesity food by scientists!  High in monosaturated fats, full of nutrients and anti-oxidants the avocado is a something that should definately be added to your diet.
  2. Eggs – They have had a bad reputation for a long time as people have always associated eggs with high cholesterol levels, nothing could be further from the truth though!  Eggs are the perfect complete protein source, recent research has shown that eating eggs regularly actually helps to IMPROVE cholesterol, decrease inflammation and manage blood sugar.
  3. Coconut Oil – Once again not overly common in many diets over here as it is not as readily available in retail outlets like many of the other oils on the market.  A fantastic product for weight loss, coconut oil has an extremely high level of medium chain fatty acids, these protect the brain, manage blood sugar, and help to improve energy use in the body to aid in fat loss.  The fats contained in coconut oil never enter the cholesterol cycle so will never be deposited as fat cells.
  4. Cocoa – Probably the one that people didnt expect to find in here!  Everyone has started to hear the benefits of dark chocolate and how it is anti-oxidant rich and has many benefits like, supporting cardiovascular health and also improves insulin signalling in the body.  Obviously pure cocoa powder on its own is the cleanest and purest way to consume this although this is another product that is hard to come by.  If you are taking dark chocolate, try and ensure that it contains at least 70% cocoa powder and try and opt for one that has no or limited additional sugar content added to it.


These are just a few of the foods that help aid in weight loss, tried to keep the approach as simple as possible.  Adding these foods in to your eating plan, coupled with a healthy balanced diet and a training schedule will play a massive part in leading to a leaner and all round healthier you!  Once again hope this article has provided some useful information for people, thanks!

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