People are bombarded with ‘low fat’, ‘0% sugar’ products on a daily basis in supermarkets, on the news and in the papers, and are lead to believe that these are the way to go when you are looking to increase your health and boost your weight loss when in fact nothing could actually be further from the truth!  Which is in fact due to the marketing of supposed ‘health concious’ brands, and the spin put on these in their advertising to misinform people about the supposed ‘health benefits’ of their product.  Marketing from large corportations has cleverly tricked people into buying their products under these premises as it has always made the word ‘fat’ the enemy.

Sugars and artificial sweeteners are in fact the real enemy and the main culprit in not only weight gain but also in the cause of many illnesses and conditions that are becoming more and more common in society such as diabetes, heart disease and many forms of cancer.  Sugars are what actually cause all of these problems but this is not what is put across by the marketing of large brands as they want people to believe they are buying a very health concious product, this is the case of many soda companies and yoghurt companies that are constantly using this false advertising to sell their ‘healthy option’ products.

Beware of anything that is labelled as low fat, low sugar, 0% sugar, no added sugar etc as these are the largest culprits of all!  Sugars are stored directly as fat cells in the body when they are not used right away, and sweeteners promote carbohydrate cravings in the body and will actually cause people to consume more junk food etc.  I could put a ‘100% fat free sticker’ on a bag of sugar, and while completely accurate this is grossly misleading!  It is actually sugar that is the biggest killer of them all!


It has been appropriately termed ‘the cocaine of the food industry’ and has been said by many leading nutritionists that if sugar were to be invented today it would be a prescription drug and not readily available like it is in the vast majority of products in the food industry! For anyone looking to lose weight, combat disease and increase their health this is where to start.  Ignore the false promotion from companies, and replace all of your diet products with clean, healthy, natural produce.  A simple moto to stick by which I find useful for food is, ‘if it doesnt grow, or eat something that grows, then dont eat it.’  I hope this article was useful to everyone out there, if it changes even just a couple of views then it was completely worthwhile! Any questions dont be afraid to drop me a line! Thanks


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