For those who are looking to gain individual attention, training and knowledge personalised towards their goals individually this is ideal.

Allows the person full 1-1 time with the option of 30-60 minute sessions fully tailored towards your needs with continuing online support during the duration of your training time with Damien.

Group/Team Sessions

Perfect for small groups of men/women who are working towards the same goals and are looking to keep costs down so they can attend more sessions on a weekly basis to increase their workload.

Also very suitable for groups/teams of athletes to come for pre-season or a mid week session to diversify their training.  Due to Damien having competed actively in such a wide range of sports himself at a high level his experience is priceless in this field when tailoring athletic programs specifically designed for certain sports.

If you are interested in finding out any further information on any of the activities listed above please do not hesitate to contact Damien on 07592332164 or



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