What is generally common with top coaches and athletes competing at the highest level, across a huge range of sport fields, is the importance that they place on flexibility in their/or their athletes training routine.  It is only really now athletes and coaches at the top of their respective fields are starting to see the huge benefits of making flexibility an essential part of their training routine, and the pitfalls that come from overlooking it!


I have listed some of the benefits of flexibility training below, that will show regardless of the field of training, how flexibility should be considered one of the main components of your training routine:

  • Improve range of motion in your joints – no matter what your sport or training discipline ROM is essential and improving this will only increase the longevity of time that you will be able to continue to train/compete in that field.
  • Improves circulation – increasing the blood flow to muscles therefore helping to aid the recovery process.
  • Injury prevention and recovery from injury – as stated above it helps in the recovery process, although a regular flexibility program has been shown to greatly reduce the risk of injury!
  • Increase endurance, co-ordination and muscle control – once again all essential criteria for all sporting activities.
  • Relieves stress – research has shown that flexibility training such as yoga has helped to relieve not only physical but also mental stress.

Summary: These are just a few of the many reasons flexibility should be made an essential part of your training routine.  For too long it has been overlooked and it is only now that people have really started to use it to benefit themselves in the sporting field.  Ryan Giggs for example attributes himself still playing football to taking up Pilates and really putting a focus on his flexibility in his 30’s!  In  short, try to add flexibility into your daily routine, even 15-20 minutes could make a huge difference not only on the quality of your training, but even the quality of your day to day tasks!

Hope you found this article of some use and hopefully can find a spot to add some flexibility work into your current schedule! Thanks for reading and will be back soon with more articles, as always any requests don’t hesitate to ask!


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