Your Gluten-free Future

Why leave out gluten foods?

Traditionally, gluten-free diets were only recommended by doctors for people who suffered from celiac disease but what everyone doesn’t know is that this type of revolutionary diet is so effective in terms of muscle gain and reduced body fat.



  • Healthier glow
  • Leaner
  • Reduced carbohydrate intake
  • Leads to faster weight loss
  • Helps detoxify whole body (Find a range of our Detox products here: Detox)


Excluded foods:

  • Crackers
  • Pasta
  • Bread
  • Muffins
  • Pastries
  • Flour
  • Cookies
  • Cakes
  • Cereal
  • Beer
  • Oats
  • Gravy
  • Dressings
  • Sauces


Gluten-Free Chocolate Muffins
Picture of muffin Mix that is gluten-freeOur Super Choco Muffin Mix is a affordable and high quality product that is naturally wheat and gluten free.
Don’t deny your self that treat, easy to prepare easy to bake, this mix is:

  • 97% fat free
  • Dairy free
  • Egg free
  • Suitable for Vegans

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Gluten-free Pizza & Pastry Mix
Picture of Pizza Pastry that is gluten-freeThis Italian Style pizza mix is ideal for any pizza base. By simply adding water you will have yourself a high quality pizza base in a matter of minutes!This pastry mix is not just limited to pizza, it can be used to make many different pastries such as:

  •  Pies
  • Jam Tarts
  • Quinces
  • Many other pastry based foods

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Gluten-free Gravy Mix
Picture of Gravy Mix that is gluten-freeThis is the perfect gravy mix for any roast dinner. It is the ideal flavour booster and has a very creamy smooth texture with an amazing taste. It is of coarse, gluten free and wheat free and contains no added dairy,msg, cane suger or yeast extracts.  This high quality product is made with 100% vegetable derived products.

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Gluten-free Curry Paste
Picture of Curry Paste that is gluten-freeThis creatively tasteful curry paste will get your taste buds dancing. This nutritious paste is made with a blend of all natural ingredients and contains no added preservatives or additives. Very easy to cook, simply add to base of vegetables and chosen meats with to jars of water(400ml).  Contains many healthy ingredients such as onion, garlic, ginger, chilli powder and tomato puree. It is free from:

  • Wheat
  • Gluten
  • Soya
  • Added sugar
  • Nuts

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 Gluten-free Chocolate Brownies
Picture of Double choc Brownies that are gluten-freeThese scrumptious brownies are the perfect treat that are gluten and vegan free! They are freem from additives, preservatives and fats to help you maintain that lean look.

  • Rich, tasty, soft brownies that tickle your taste buds.
  • Natural ingredients and sweet fruit juices used.
  • Gluten and Wheat free

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