hangovercureYour body is capable of producing harmful substances, that can hinder your performance.

When you’re exercising, if your breathing is not up to scratch, your blood becomes low on oxygen, and your muscles engage in anaerobic respiration. Instead of glucose being changed to carbon dioxide and water, glucose gets converted to carbon dioxide and lactic acid. This is a toxin. It doesn’t cause much harm, but it causes your body to think “I need to stop!”.
A hangover is the body’s reaction to the liver processing alcohol into a toxin “acetaldehyde” .
Common examples, but some of countless toxins your body is exposed to daily. Some of these are short lived; Others can stay in the body for days, weeks or even months, all with different effects.
If you want to be at your best, you need to remove the harmful toxins in a quick and efficient manor.

How do I remove Toxins

When it comes to removing toxins, you must rely on the capabilities of your liver and kidneys. It is their job in the body to absorb chemicals (including toxins), process them when possible, add them back to the blood and eventually expel them.

You can also rely, somewhat, on your sweat glands. Although their primary job is to cool the body, they get water from the blood, with some of it’s assorted contents, including minerals, urea and, most importantly, toxins. This is why people believe a trip to a sauna will help cure a hangover.

However,  not all of us are willing to stick it out in a sauna every time we have a night out, or anytime we’re suffering from any exposure to toxins. So you may want to consider some of the following recommended products:


Herbal Teas

Herbal Tea
Drinking herbal teas can help improve the function of the liver and kidneys to remove toxins from your system.
Plus the taste is always something to marvel!

There are many flavours to choose from, like blackberry, lemon, raspberry and chamomile.

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Detox Patches

patchPutting on a patch is a  method to remove toxins from the system and add minerals to the blood stream.
Just apply to your feet when you go to bed and let the patches do all the work.
Get on with your day and get healthy! 

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Bath Salts


You enjoy your long, warm baths? Why not enjoy a long, warm detox with added bath salts. Just add as you pour your bath and you’ll be swimming.

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Formula Blend


If your feeling overwhelmed by massive meals, then use a formula blend to balance yourself again. Made with herb extracts to aid with digestion. To be consumed throughout the day after a heavy meal.
Works well with a sensible detox program, or a calorie controlled diet.

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Detox box


Everything wouldn’t be complete without showing off the detox box. This is a kit of ingredients to help guide you to a healthier diet and lifestyle, no need for extreme medication.

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So, if you want to be fit, consider improving your body’s ability to deal with toxins, because if you don’t, you will never be at your best!

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